Psychatric Advance Directives

What is a Psychiatriac Advance Directive?

A Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD) is a written legal document that expresses the wishes of an individual about their mental health care regarding what types of treatments, services and other assistance he or she might want, or not want, during a personal mental health crisis.


  • Is a plan put in place during a time of wellness, that can be relied upon in a time of crisis
  • Promotes individual autonomy and empowerment over one’s own treatment
  • Serves as pre-determined informed consent for treatments
  • Contains valuable health history information for doctors


Additional Information and Resources

MHANJ Psychiatric Advance Directive Training Program

The MHANJ offers Three Specialized PAD Trainings:

  1. Individuals living with mental health conditions – those seeking information about how a PAD can benefit them, and how to complete it
  2. Family member/friend training – those seeking information about how a PAD might help their loved one, and how to help them complete it
  3. Providers/behavioral health staff – those seeking information about how to help their clients complete a PAD, what their legal requirements are and what the benefits of a PAD are for both the provider and individual

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If you have any questions about Psychiatric Advance Directives, or to schedule a training, contact Cynthia Spadola, Community Advocate at 973-471-5100 ext. 133 or