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The New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse was started in 1981 as the first statewide operation of its kind in the country. The mission of the Clearinghouse is to help people find and form all types of self-help support groups in order to provide hope, strength and experience to those in need in order to not feel alone.


INFORMATION ON SELF-HELP SUPPORT GROUPS – We maintain a database of over 8,600 self-help group meetings statewide, as well as over 1,000 national self-help group headquarters, online and telephone groups, and networks.

IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS ON DEVELOPING GROUPS – Many new groups are started each year with the assistance of the Clearinghouse. Our staff can help you with ideas and suggestions over the phone and through email or “snail mail”. We have a vast library of how-tos on starting and running groups in general, as well as specific types of groups.

TRAINING – We offer periodic workshops throughout the state on topics of interest to those starting, running and maintaining support groups.

PRESENTATIONS ABOUT SUPPORT GROUPS – We provide free presentations on the availability and benefits of self-help support groups and how they can assist your clients, customers, congregants, families and friends.

WEBSITE – We include information of interest to group leaders, professionals who make referrals to groups, to those interested in starting new groups, and the general community. We also have contact information on support groups in New Jersey on our website at

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