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Disabilities At Work“Making Mental Health a Business Priority”
Radio Show Featuring: Mental Health America,
The MHANJ, and The MHA of Morris County.
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In one year, IBM saved $500,000 in outpatient costs by integrating its behavioral health, pharmacy, disability and other related employee health services.

When high quality care for depression is provided, research shows it decreases employee absenteeism by 28% overall healthcare costs by 26%.

Untreated mental illness causes a higher rate of “presenteeism” — employees who are at work, but not fully functional — than any other chronic health condition including arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Untreated mental health conditions are more likely to co-occur with other chronic health conditions, increasing the number days when employees are impaired or absent.

Workplace Health Promotion programs, with a demonstrated return on investment of $5.81 for every dollar spent, reduce medical costs, absenteeism and disability management claims.

Mental Health Association in New Jersey is available to help businesses address these issues a program called FundaMENTAL Health, Bottom Line Sense: Making Mental Health a Business Priority. This program features theMHANJ Business Tool Kit, a free compendium of services designed for New Jersey’s business community and provided by the MHANJ.

If you are interested in receiving additional information about how the MHANJ can help businesses please contact Eric Arauz at or 972.571.4100.


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