Consumer Connections Workforce and Development

The Consumer Connections Employment and Workforce Development services include componentes which assist consumers with finding employment in the mental health and social service fields, gain additional related experience to increase their prospects of being hired, and provide opportunities to learn about and maintain wellness and recovery while working.

The Job Opportunity Bank (JOB)

JOB provides members of Consumer Connections access to a centralized data bank in which to search for paid and volunteer jobs. The Job Opportunity Bank can also help employers hire qualified consumer providers. Employers with job openings can submit information relevant to the position available. The JOB will then suggest potential consumer interviewees based on their skills and experience.

The Job Opportunity Bank also hosts a consumer accessible web page where employers can post open positions.

Internship Program

The Internship Program provides consumers with skill building experiences while receiving support through Consumer Connections. These unpaid work experiences with mental health agencies provide consumers with opportunities to determine their interest and suitability for working as peer support specialists. The internship experience also builds their resumes, making them more marketable. The goal of the Internship Program is to solidify a consumer’s skill base for human service positions and to increase his/her marketability in the mental health and social service job markets.

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