Co-Occuring Disorders Training

The Co-Occurring Disorders Training is designed to provide consumer participatns witha basic understanding of addiction and the complexities encountered when an individual has a mental illness and a substance use disorder. Like Core Training, Co-Occurring classes prepare participants to provide non-clinical services, such as case management or educational services, to individuals and families affected by both disorders. The faculty for Co-Occurring Disorders Training is comprised of professionals possessing graduate degrees and licenses/certifications related to mental health and addictions. This training is 36 hours and takes place over 6 days.

Training topics include:

• Assessment / Differential Diagnosis

• Addiction Focused Counseling

• Family Counseling

• HIV/AIDS Resources

• Addiction Recovery

To be considered for admission into this series, applicants must have completed the Consumer Connections ore Training. If students have obtained their Community Mental Health Associate (CMHA) certification, completed the Co-Occurring Training, and have work experience with an appropriate population, they may apply for the Co-Occurring Disorders Associate (CODA). Like the CMHA, this credential is focused on activities that bring services, resources and people together to achieve established goals.

All credentials are Associate level and are not intended for private practice.

Private practitioners must possess a license issued by the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs. Consumer Connections staff is available to assist graduates with the application process.

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